Dancing in writing

by wubkje kuindersma
(published in the printed magazine DANS, efterår 2017)

drawings by Edgar Jansen (www.edgarportraits.com)



Writing about dance…
It remains a dualistic activity…
How to put words on the unspoken…?
Yet it is seems vitally important in this era to express oneself through words
and fair enough to a certain extend
As long as there can be co-existence of the unspoken and spoken.

My favourite thing is writing in dance…
in text that can’t be printed
The body speaking the unspoken

I simply love speaking through dance
without knowing the words
yet something speaks to me so clearly

It is not to be understood
simply to be experienced

Life is full of questions
yet one thing I know
dance is written in my soul

Don’t ask me how it got there
I only know it is there
and by now I am pretty sure it won’t leave me in this life no more
as it is grown with me

To me dance can be so many things
As much this world forces you to be one thing or another,
I do believe in co-existence
we can be more…
we can do more…
we can love more…

For me this applies to many aspects of life
but that will be for another time to write about…
for now I will keep it simple…

I love dancing in writing too
Text that flows and comes and goes like a dance
I just write it down and read it after it has reached the paper
like seeing it for the first time
I have called this intuitive writing or some weird kind of poetry

Usually I do not share this with many others
but today I feel it might be ok
or maybe I am just more courageous today than yesterday or tomorrow
maybe this is the little window I jump through before it closes
Decisions are made in split seconds…
As today it feels writing about dance could turn to dancing in writing
So what I would like to share with you is a little excerpt of my unpublished story “Tales of A Nordic

The text is based on my storyline and inspiration for my upcoming creation for Danish Dance Theatre which will premiere in January 2018 with (working) title ¨Tales of A Nordic Mind¨.
I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to create a new work for Danish Dance Theatre
under direction of Tim Rushton. I worked as a dancer at Danish Dance Theatre for Tim and to now
return as choreographer is something quite strong to me. When somebody believes in your work
and gives you a chance, it is very encouraging.
“Tales of A Nordic Mind” will tour in a double bill through Denmark alongside existing work of Didy
Veldman, another Dutch choreographer, for whom I danced in the past and whose work I admire.
I am really looking forward to start creating in the studio.

While thinking about the work these lines came to me a few months ago…
They are only starting point and one aspect of a kind of film I have in my mind, the choreography
will take its own road and write its own story. 🙂

Wubkje Kuindersma



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“Tales of A Nordic Mind” is one of the performances in the evening programme “Don’t Leave me Alone”

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